Here are the "official" releases of my music. This is also the place to pick up extra goodies such as liner notes for each album. These albums can be purchased digitally through many online distributors (Bandcamp and CDBaby are my favorites - they give me the biggest cut). You can also get physical albums from CDBaby, Amazon, and many fine record shops in the Iowa City/Quad Cities area.

Wrecker (2013) Liner Notes

Back to Flat Black Studios for this 5-song EP. Again mastered by the inestimable Carl Saff.

Seek Shelter (2009) Liner Notes

This is my first studio album, recorded at Flat Black Studios in Iowa City and mastered by Carl Saff.

Strikes (2012) Liner Notes

This album is mixed from a board recording by Tommy Ronan of a live show at the Iowa City Yacht Club on July 31, 2011.